I’m typing this at one of the computers in the IACC cluster, and it’s sort of a trip. It makes me nervous, the thought that anyone could just glance over and see what I’m typing away at. It’s an irrational thing, but I don’t like the idea of people watching me type, or write, or draw, or do anything, really. Let’s not digress, though.

The weekend took place in the Twin Cities, at least for me. Breakfast was rather hectic, mostly due to the time constraints, but everyone apparently got their fill. The bus ride was long, and the driver was highly skilled. One wonders how much it costs to charter a bus like that, if it’s based on the vehicle itself or the number of passengers. I doubt that it was cheap. Some people cannot sleep on the road(memory, memory), and I have to pity those ones. I can’t imagine the ride without any respite, nothing but greenery and other cars to watch. I’m not knocking rubber-necking, but four hours of it is a bit excessive.

The Guthrie Theatre was spectacular, and the guide was very friendly and equally knowledgeable. One could tell that he was honestly enthusiastic about his work. The architecture of the building alone was enough to make the trip worthwhile. We were privileged enough to see the both the thrust and the proscenium theatres. The gift shop was alright, but was stocked with overpriced goods, so it fit in well in that city. The farmer’s market was much more lovely, though I didn’t buy anything. They even had a huge depiction of Anton Chekhov. After we finished with the tour, we got to eat and explore the grounds a bit.

To be quite honest, parts of 3M gave me the creeps. The entire complex seemed like a sales pitch, but most of the people were splendidly nice to us, very accommodating. It was kind of them to feed us, but one of the people accosted me, hassled me about a bit of food that I hadn’t gotten around to eating yet. I did eat it. His conduct was very rude.

The Science Museum was a trip. I really enjoyed the Tutankhamun exhibit, even though they prohibited photographs for some reason. Some didn’t seem to enjoy it, but I was in honest awe at being witness to such ancient artifacts. It’s a miracle that things of such antiquity survived to this day, and some were so blasé about it. I was moved nearly to tears at a few of the priceless items. On an unrelated note, I met a man from Liberia, and had a conversation with a bashful Korean woman.

The Minnesota Institute of Art was wonderful, even though our docent didn’t show us anything by Degas. Again, more than a few didn’t appreciate the art. I suppose that’s their right, but it strikes me as unbelievable. The works were so lovely, sublime even. I would definitely go again, no doubt about it. The sculpture garden was less remarkable, I’m afraid. I liked the glass fish, but most of the works seemed like cobbled together bits of nothing. Maybe I just didn’t get it. Joe and I had a nice discussion about metaphysics and the value of art. I didn’t like being shepherded across the street, but I suppose that comes along with the territory.

The flower of the morning was probably Valley Fair, as nice as the rest of the weekend was. I had never ridden a roller-coaster. I was terrified, but I didn’t really scream like most of the others. I had a lovely group to enjoy the park with, and we had a great time. As cheesy as it sounds, I think I got to “bond” with the people, gain more understanding in a way. The lines were very bearable, likely due to the gloomy weather. I prefer gloomy weather. Keeps the crowds away.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the hotel. It was pretty nice, as hotels go, and the breakfast was well-done. There was a friendly moustachioed man at the counter at nights, and he’d sell a person overpriced food. The beds were nice, and I enjoyed the company of my room-mates. There was an awesome rain storm, and I don’t mean awesome as in “that movie was awesome” or anything played-out like that. I mean that it really inspired awe, the power of nature and all that razzmatazz.

The ride home was nice, I listened to music with Austin E. and Mick. They have good taste in music, those two. It was a good chance to get some more rest after the rush-rush weekend. That’s really all I have to say, I’m afraid. That’s all a bit jumbled, but I’m spent now. If you made it this far, you should really think about spending your time in better ways. You could be, I don’t know, arranging your pennies chronologically or thinking up names for your fish.