Here we are, yet again, dear reader. I suppose I should thank you for taking the time out of your day (a busy one, no doubt) to read this. That is assuming that I have dear readers. Some random fellow commented on Kevin’s sports blog on the first day, so maybe someone will stumble upon this dismal bump in the night. Let’s not digress, though.

The first weekend here at GovSchool went swimmingly. It started out with breakfast, as most days do. There was a conspicuous lack of coffee, I am sad to report. I can’t remember for the life of me which teams were responsible for all the meals, but everyone did a tip-top job. We even had one of our fine military lads come out, (rank here) Veselka. I have no idea whether he or his organization were paid for the services rendered, but he sure behaved like it. There were all sorts of amusements, from hula hoop ring-switchery to a blindfolded game of tag. There was some impromptu acting, a game of “subsume” and a Cthulhu water bottle. Also, rope handcuffs. Magic, I swear.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the MREs. As for quality, it seemed heavily dependent upon which variety one chose. For military meals, they had some cushy food. Chocolate peanut butter? Hot chocolate and instant coffee? Vanilla poundcake FTW. I even got matches and chewing gum.

The second half of the day involved a lovely hike through the Bison River National Park, or something similar with a similar name. Our guide was a fine guy, intelligent and engaging. The hike served as a nice counter to the structured format we now find ourselves living in. A nice meandering stroll through nature. Everyone we met seemed friendly enough, and many seemed fond of dogs to the same extent that they were friendly. The number of dogs and people, alas, could not compare to the number of caterpillars we encountered. I cannot stress enough the sheer amount of the cute little buggers we saw. They rained down from the trees, they covered one of the bridges, and many were surely ground under unwitting feet. We even saw some dancing. They were not popular, those hairy, inching beasts. They evoked such squeamishness, it really was astounding.

Suddenly, Sunday. I slept through breakfast, but I’m sure it was delightful. We played “Minute to Win it”, and that odd game allowed for a tour of sorts throughout some of the buildings. After the morning’s festivities, we enjoyed a photographic scavenger hunt.The Weasleys did not encounter Monsieur Hass, though we did find Herr Albrecht. Jade even agreed to pose for a photo, which certainly padded the point-count. I also had a pleasant walk with Richard and Caleb.

Floor meetings concern me. Some seem, to be quite honest, unreceptive to the policy that dictates silence unless one raises one’s hand. This makes me uneasy. I do not want Mr. Hass to scold us again. That made me even more uneasy. Other than holding my own tongue, what can I do? Dreadful business.

On top of it all, I can’t help but find myself looking forward to the coming week. Always more to learn, dear reader.