2nd Weekend Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 

I’m typing this at one of the computers in the IACC cluster, and it’s sort of a trip. It makes me nervous, the thought that anyone could just glance over and see what I’m typing away at. It’s an irrational thing, but I don’t like the idea of people watching me type, or write, or draw, or do anything, really. Let’s not digress, though. (more…)


The first weekend. Wunderbar! Monday, Jun 13 2011 

Here we are, yet again, dear reader. I suppose I should thank you for taking the time out of your day (a busy one, no doubt) to read this. That is assuming that I have dear readers. Some random fellow commented on Kevin’s sports blog on the first day, so maybe someone will stumble upon this dismal bump in the night. Let’s not digress, though. (more…)

Errors, captain Saturday, Jun 11 2011 

Yeah, I don’t know why the post below is screwy, but the issues go away when you click the “more” tag. Beats me.

Blogs worth reading Friday, Jun 10 2011 

So our assignment for this day is to find 10 blogs that tickle our respective fancies. I’m not about to dance around it, so here goes.

1.      Swift

He can bite

The man himself
Swift is a blog run by the JREF (the James Randi Educational Foundation, for those not

hip to the fact). It’s pretty readable,

and you may learn a thing or two. James Randi, pictured, has been a magician for a very long time, and is


well versed in the tricks of the trade. From busting people like sleazeball Peter Popoff to logic-slamming Sylvia Browne, Randi’s kept it real the entire time. Due to his age, which is considerable, Mr. Randi has left many of the duties to his staff, including some of the writing. If what you are after is an interesting, skeptical blog detailing everything from exposed frauds to the history of skepticism, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better.  Read it if such things interest you, and read it if they don’t. The “E” isn’t there on accident.

The Amazing Henry Slade




Man, I don’t know Tuesday, Jun 7 2011 

I’ll say it right off. I’m not a writer, not by any means. I lack that certain finesse, the flow that actual writers have. Trust me, I’ve tried. Don’t read this for enjoyment, unless you’re some sort of masochist. Seriously, abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

That’s the thing about writing, I can never seem to think of a topic to write about. Firefox is a fine browser, has all sorts of nifty plug-ins and a built in spell-check system.  Might as well keep jumping around here. The dorms are nice. Hot, but roomy. Bathroom’s a closet, but what are you gonna do? The RDC (I think that’s what it’s called) is jam packed for the moment. Pack of FFA hoodlums. Before you get all hot under the collar, I’m being facetious. Know something else that makes for good, painful reading (in addition to this abomination)? Conservapedia. It’s put on by some ideologues that don’t think much of academic responsibility, integrity or the truth of the matter. If you read any of their “articles” on science, you’ll see why I like to call it Constipedia. It’s pretty much the epitome of subjugating objectivity and scientific inquiry to ideology. Keep it bookmarked, it’s good for when you want to purge the old stomach. Or a good chuckle, depending on your tastes.

If, on the other hand, you want to read something halfway decent, check out P.Z Meyers’ blog, Pharyngula. Or Science Based Medicine. Heck, check out Skepchick, it’s a blog by female skeptics. Most, if not all, have degrees in something or another. Entomologists, social scientists, et cetera.

Sculpting, QR codes, blogging, it’s all so very much. What constitutes a paragraph anyway? Maybe I’ll get better with time, maybe not. I doubt anyone’ll read this tag-rag jumble of thoughts. Again, I’m no H.P Lovecraft. You should probably check out Alex’s page, he’s got polls and photos and everything. I don’t know the exact url, or else I’d just pin it up here.

Science Based Medicine